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prvctice said: Completely in love with your photographs, youve got a talent

Well that’s very kind of you! Thanks!


Anonymous said: Hi there how are you doing? I am wondering which one is your favorite space gray, gold, or silver? Thanks

I’ve had and loved them all, but I’d probably go Silver if I had to choose a new one today.

hectorhs said: What camera do you recommend? I dont haveuch experience but im fascinated by others work like yours. And id love to produce some of my own to look at and say wow. Any tips?

Anything that takes a picture is a good place to start man. I started with a Sony point and shoot and as I learned more about photography and how it works I upgraded my gear so I wasn’t wasting money on something I couldn’t use.

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gold913 said: Do you ever go to New York to take pictures? I like the Chicago one's though

Thanks! I’ve never been and don’t plan to. Maybe if I knew someone up there to shoot with. But there’s still a whole lot to explore and shoot here in Chicago.

Check out the grams here
City Veins

jayrebgz said: Use vsco on your phone

nooooooo. vscocam is awesome for phone shots but I dig a lot deeper into my pictures in lightroom than vscocam allows. 

Randy Alley
Flyknit Lunar 1 “Multicolors”
Finally caught some purple skies downtown.